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The G.A.B. Oath

    I promise to deal honestly, fairly and respectfully with everyone. I promise to send my cards when mutually agreed. All cards will be in mint or near-mint condition as defined by Scrye unless otherwise noted. I promise to protect my cards adequately (as defined in the FAQs) to prevent them from being damaged during shipping. I further promise to help search out all bad traders including the links to them and forward the names to G.A.B. If I have a web page, I will add a link from it to the G.A.B. Bad Trader list.

The G.A.B. Code of Conduct

G.A.B. Rules

Any member found guilty of using himself or herself as a reference will be expelled from G.A.B. immediately.

A G.A.B. member must:

  1. Deal with other traders in an honest and respectful manner.
  2. Send cards when promised.
  3. Send cards in mint/near mint condition unless otherwise agreed.
  4. Send cards with approved protection as defined in the FAQs.
  5. NOT take advantage of other traders because of G.A.B. membership.
  6. NOT demand that others send first without a valid reason.

Failure to comply with the G.A.B. rules will result in the member facing disciplinary action, which may result in their dismissal from G.A.B.

Disciplinary Action will occur as follows:

1st infraction
A letter of warning from your Team Leader specifying the alleged infraction. The member will be given an opportunity to refute the charges and/or make amends.
2nd infraction
The member will be placed on probation for a period of not less than 3 months. A list of Probationary Members will be maintained and linked with the Search Engine. The Member's Team Page will be marked with a ¶ to indicate that he/she is on probation. In addition, the member may be demoted one rank for a major infraction.
3rd infraction
Immediate expulsion from G.A.B. The member will be added to a listing of Expelled Members to prevent reapplications. This list will also be linked to the Search Engine.

G.A.B. Standards and Guidelines

A G.A.B. member should:

  1. Notify G.A.B. when he/she discovers a bad trader.
  2. Get permission before using someone as a reference. A trade should be completed to the satisfaction of all before it is used as a reference.
  3. Notify trading partners when cards have arrived.
  4. Reply to all reference requests in a timely and thorough manner.
  5. Reply to trade requests promptly and civilly.
  6. Because our online communication reflects on all of G.A.B., members should do their best to correspond using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation whenever possible.

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