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Ebony Team Member
Lieutenant Commander _Johan_

Name:    Johan Pedersen
Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Home page: none

References are listed in alphabetical order. People drop e-mail accounts all the time, so I make no guarantees that these addresses still work; I will only vouch that when they made their references, they did work at that time. For SPAM reasons, all @ have been replaced by '-AT-': you will need to fix that up before sending mail.

Confirmed references

  1. Anders Aasebo
  2. Fredrik Ahlberg
  3. Brage Bevolden
  4. Lars Birch
  5. Haakon Brandrud
  6. Per Bratteberg
  7. Henrik Enoksen
  8. Oscar Hofstedt
  9. Kristoffer Johnson
  10. Kristian Kivelä
  11. Remy Olsen
  12. Linus Werner

Pending reference check

  • none

Never responded (after 3 tries)

  2. Dan Danielsen
  3. Fredrik Gjedrem
  4. Daniel Solstrand
  5. Martin Standal
  7. Stig Rune Storbakk
  8. Leslie Waugh
  9. Niklas Wiborgh

Did not remember you / never traded

  1. Kenneth Ellingsen

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